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The New BelliCradle™ Pregnancy abdominal support

The New BelliCradle™ Pregnancy abdominal support

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L size (suitable for 90 cm or 35.4 inches abdominal circumference)

XL size (suitable for 100 cm or 39.3 inches and up -abdominal circumference)


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Easy to use

Wearing a pregnancy belly support band offers numerous benefits for expectant mothers

Abdominal Support

The belly support band provides gentle compression and lift to the growing belly, reducing strain on the back and abdominal muscles.

Support during Physical Activities

A pregnancy belly support band can help reduce the risk of injury and discomfort while allowing expectant mothers to stay active.


Pelvic Floor Support

A pregnancy belly support band can provide gentle compression and stability to the pelvic area. It can help alleviate pelvic pain and provide support to weakened pelvic floor muscles,

Minimized Stretch Marks

The support band can help minimize the appearance of stretch marks by providing support to the belly and reducing tension on the skin. It promotes healthier skin elasticity during pregnancy

Reduced Back Pain

The support band helps distribute the weight of the baby evenly, relieving pressure on the lower back.

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